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My manuscript review services are flexible, depending on what each client needs. Typically I charge $3/page, which includes an initial conversation about what you're looking for and how you'd like me to proceed, a complete manuscript review with line edits and a several-page write-up of all my comments, suggestions, and questions, and then a meeting (or phone/Zoom conversation) once I've reviewed your work. While I'm editing the manuscript (and afterward), I'm available to you for any questions or conversations you'd like to have. 


I also do coaching work, which involves more guidance during the writing process and less intensive editing of a finished draft. This type of collaboration tends to work best for people who are newer to writing or those in the early stages of creating a new manuscript. For coaching, I charge an hourly rate of $45/hr.

My freelance clients have published novels and short stories, found agents, and won awards. My goal is to tailor the process to each client, and I am happy to adjust my fees on a sliding scale as needed. Please contact me with any questions!

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