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Things you can contact me about:

  • Questions or comments or thoughts about my books. I love feedback from readers!

  • Any neat animal facts you want me to know.

  • The novel workshops I teach at StoryStudio Chicago. They're available via Zoom for writers everywhere!

  • Your book club. If your group is reading one of my books, I'm happy to attend the discussion, either virtually or in person.

  • My freelance work as an editor and manuscript coach.

  • My last name. Generations ago in Italy, it was spelled Gini, but at some point in my family's journey through Ellis Island the name got mangled, and now it conforms to no linguistic pattern. It's pronounced "JEE-nee," like the magical creature.

  • Whether I've ever been to the Farallon Islands. (No, but I did so much research.)

  • Whether I'm writing something new. (Yes, always, but I'm very secretive about it.)

  • Pictures of your dogs. Other kinds of pets are welcome too, but dogs are the best. Here are mine.

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